What Are The Effects Of The Progressive Era

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Thank you Aunt Bessie for giving me the opportunity to learn about the progressive era and letting me give your money to the three reforms I chose. I was very intrigued when I started researching about these four progressive reforms. Some things I found out were atrocious and the others just plain out disgusting. Although women 's suffrage is a huge issue, deforestation, child labor, and food safety struck me the most deserving. The progressive era was a time from about 1900 to 1920. During this time muckrakers tried to improve things that were going on in the U.S. There were many terrible things that were going on that effected the world. One of these terrible ideas was deforestation. This reform benefits few and harms many. This issue permanently destroys forests and heavy wooded areas to make the land available for other uses such as industrial areas, residential areas, and a place for livestock. This act has a lot of cause and effects. Removing trees leaves animals with no place …show more content…

In meat packing plants, workers are focused on getting money and don 't really care about the product. They store meat in old warehouses that have bad roofs. When it rains water falls on the meat a sits there until... who knows when. The warehouses are infested with rats so the meat gets mixed with rat feces. Meat plant workers just put any scraps in a can and call it "chicken" or "beef". This is very wrong. The meat gets mixed in huge vats, if a worker falls in, guess what. There body gets mixed with the food and gets shipped off to stores. If meat falls on the floor, they don 't through it away. Oh no, that would be wasting and they would be losing money. So they just ship dirty meat out for people to buy and eat. Meat plant workers are senseless. The meat packing plants are so unsanitary its just gross. With all of these factors, I believe the meat packing industry should get the rest of my

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