The Progressive Era In John Spargo's The Bitter Cry Of Children

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The progressive era was a time in american history when there was change in the american way of life. Before the progressive era people would die because of mal- sanitation, children would be working in factories and where getting hurt. Meat packing was done inadequately. Muckrakers brought about positive change by exposing the ill fated conditions of child labor, and the sheer filth of the meat packing industry, through literature. In John Spargo's novel The Bitter Cry of Children he said “ When children become wage earners and are thrown into constant association with adult workers , they develop prematurely an adult consciousness and view of life,” this meant that children in this time period were not very optimistic about their future and had where defiant of their parents. This statement shows people …show more content…

The Railroads had been taking land from people trying to gain financial footing through farming in California. Frank Norris brought about change by exposing what four robber barons were doing to the people. The robber barons would make the cost of shipping to much to bayor and would make farmers go bankrupt and lose all their money, while the railroad got richer and richer. This corruption would be silenced by the courts corrupt officials. This meant that people would starve and die because they can't afford to eat.
In conclusion Muckrakers brought change to society by bringing to light what was in the darkness. By exposing how child labor had a negative effect on children and society. The meat packing industry was busted for there unsanitary ways. The railroad was exposed for taking from those who could not fight on their own. Muckrakers were also brave enough to write about problems in their books. Muckraker brought about change by writing about ways they wanted to see society

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