How Did The Progressive Era Reform

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Progressive Era Reforms
During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the United States was experiencing a time of widespread reform. This movement brought great changes to multiple fields and areas in the United States. These reforms were ideas that improved the quality of life for working and normal citizens in the United States. Two such examples of these movements are found in reforms made within the working and living conditions across America. The American workplace before the Progressive Era was an abysmal and dangerous environment. Safety measures that, today, we would think of as obvious were not mandatory before the reforms began. After major disasters like the Triangle Factory fire, in which over a hundred women were killed, reforms were put into place that put more emphasis on safety in the workplace. These changes included basic things like readily available fire extinguishers and access to emergency exits. Along …show more content…

George Waring and his group cleaned the streets of cities like New York that had been previously littered with manure from horses, others animals, and even humans. The reforms that he put into place would later lead to the basises of recycling, street-cleaning and sanitation in general. Reforms made during the Progressive Era to working and living conditions in America during the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century improved life and had lasting effects. The changes made to workplaces provided safer environments for factory workers and children. The changes and improvements made to city sanitation during the Progress Era paved the way for sanitation and recycling in the modern world. These various reform movements during the Progressive Era were very successful because they achieved their goals and created safer, and more favorable situations and environments for American

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