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In the years of this new century, the country has not had such a great chance to fix problems that we all face, except for now, as a result of the financial gift you have given. Through your generosity, I know that you will be able to give a helping hand to the people that will be affected by these reforms so that they may have a better quality of life. This winter of 1913 in the United States had made me think of all the people that need help and to have equal rights. Having equal rights and fixing the broken cracks of society is a very important responsibility to help those less fortunate than us, isn’t it Aunt Bessie? With the million dollars you have given to me, I will help others who do not have as good of an opportunity by distributing…show more content…
As Jane Adams says,”A woman's simplest duty is to keep her house clean and wholesome and to feed her children properly...If woman would fulfill her traditional responsibility...she must bring herself to use the ballot.”(Doc. C) As a woman takes to care for her children, she also cares about the well-being of them. Some issues that women would help support are healthcare and education, with them being the backbone of a good life for her children. Women who are standing up for the right to vote are being treated unfairly. People have said this unfair treatment is acceptable because of the law, but it is the law that can change to help support a woman’s need and change the normal political ways of this country. Enabling women to vote would allow a change in America and help make this country all the better, since women are more sensitive to the future of their…show more content…
After I have read The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, I have really believed that it time for us to change how the meat, especially sausage, is made. Why is it that the meat we eat can be made with animals, even rats, running over it? I believe that more regulation should be put on the owners so that the meat is clean, without “...meat that had tumbled out on the floor...where the workers had tramped and spit..and thousands of rats would race about it.” (Doc. D) This is not a job that people would want to work at just because of the disgust. This industry has to be changed with stricter regulations that protect the workers and provide uncontaminated food to the

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