Deforestation In The Florida Everglades

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Subject- Deforestation affects majority of the population, including people and animals, across the nation and in my community. Situation or Problem- Deforestation is the action of eliminating trees, in forests, by cutting them down. The objective of deforestation is to create more land for construction and land establishments with the idea of not restoring thee trees back or replacing them. How it affects my community- Deforestation can disrupt the homes of many animals, including birds and fish. By cutting down trees, many eco-systems get destroyed and many animals will not survive. I have noticed how this process occurs a lot in Florida. The Florida Everglades once compromised most of the state, and due to human development almost half …show more content…

The government has passed many conservation policies to protect animals, eco-systems, plants and trees itself and indigenous people’s way of life, but many of these policies get overlooked and require a lot of extra work. How it affects the rest of the world- This action is permanent, and all of the world is targeted as a potential setting for deforestation. It is predicted that the continuing action may result in very few rainforest across the entire globe. Cutting trees can also be harmful to our ozone layer, which protects earth from dangerous radiation. Deforestation has led to another of many reasons of global warming and low rainfall, which can affect crops for farmers. How it affects resources, services and finance and etc- In resources, deforestation provides a lot of different type of oil, like palm oil and lumber, cattle ranching, farming, buildings, paper, homes, furniture and urbanization. Even though it decreases a natural resources, many different types of other resources are created as a result. Since it provides people with enterprise, it can benefit the distribution of trade with other countries, and increase job opportunities. Our services and finances have also grown as an industry. Plants provide a major role in medicine, and by cutting down environmental factors we can be limiting our abilities to obtain

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