Cause Of Environmental Degradation

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Nowadays, environmental degradation has become an important issue. This is because environmental degradation is one of the largest threats that is being looked at in the world today. This is because of the depletion of important resources such as air, water, and soil; the destruction of ecosystems; habitat destruction; the extinction of wildlife; and pollution. To limit the impact of these situations, it is important to know the possible side-effects of environmental degradation. Therefore, there are several causes and negative effects of environmental degradation provided in this essay with some recommendations to prevent it.

According to, the first factor causing environmental degradation is overpopulation. Rinkesh, World’s Top Eco-Conscious Bloggers and website owner, stated that overpopulation leads to excessive consumption of goods and necessities which impacts natural resources. This is because more people demand more food, clothes, shelter and fuel. Because of this demand, their living space needs to be expanded in order to grow food and provide homes for people. Hence, deforestation increases. This is another effect of overpopulation that impacts the worsening of the environment [2]. For example decreased forest size increases the amount of carbon in the environment. More specifically, deforestation affects the wildlife and results in biodiversity loss and species extinction [1].

Rinkesh also mentioned that another cause that can be

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