Zoroastrianism And Christianity Similarities

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Given the vast number of issues that Zoroastrianism, Judaism, and Christianity share, it is not contestable that there must be clear connection between them. The concern, therefore, should not focus on the existence of connection, but how the connections came into existence. Considering the religions from another point of view, they still reflect a dozen of differences. The current paper seeks to compare and contrast the three religions: Zoroastrianism, Judaism, and Christianity. Beginning with the similarities, the three religions trace their origin and early history in the Middle-East. For example, Zoroastrianism was a very popular religion in the Middle East for about 1000 years between 549 B.C.E and 642 C.E (Fisher 202). Turning to Judaism, …show more content…

In all these religions, God is the supreme-being whose power is never questionable (Fisher 247). However, there are different views on the monotheistic God from each of these religions. For example, Zoroastrianism views God as the source of good and not evil at any single instance. On the contrary, Judaists and Christians see God as the source of both evil and good. Moreover, the recognition of God as monotheistic was founded on the revelation key prophets received in each faith. Zoroastrians’ belief and view of God came from the revelations of Zoroastrian and Judaist view developed from God’s communication to Moses. Similarly, Christians’ view of God is shaped and defined by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. In respect to a coming Savior, Judaists waited for the Messiah, Christians wait for Jesus, and Zoroastrians expected the Saoshyant. Even further, all the religions view the world to be in a constant battle between good and evil, and between God and the devil. From the Zoroastrians’ point of view, the Universe is literally a battlefield between Ahura Mazda, the one good God, and Ahriman, the separate spirit of Evil. On the other hand, Judaists and Christians believe that the Universe is a battlefield between the one righteous God, YHVH, and the fallen angel Lucifer called Satan. Hence, dualism is how people view the world as similar across the three

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