What Are The Effects Of Zoroastrianism And Its Influence On Christianity

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Zoroastrianism can also be found to have had an influence on Christianity. Notably, the presence of Magi at the birth of Jesus is a major sign. Magi are the priests of Zoroastrianism, and the ones present at Jesus’ birth were probably Zurvanic, based on the timeframe during which his birth occurred as it was during the Parthian Empire, who were notably Zurvanistic. Magi can be derived from a description from Yasna 33, in which Zoroaster mentions that he will take action so his teachings can be “heard beyond the Magi”, or the class Zoroaster was born into.26 Magi were also previously mentioned in the book of Daniel, in which they are referred to as “wise men” who were led by him during his time at the side of Cyrus the Great.27 Their gifts also hold a slight significance to Zoroastrianism, frankincense in particular which holds a part in the maintaining of a sacred fire. An explanation for the magi presence at Jesus’ birth can be found in Zoroaster’s tales of the end days. His teachings speak of the end of the universe, during which Ahura Mazda will recognize all of the goodness present …show more content…

The Achaemenids, Parthians, and Sasanians helped to carve out the Middle East and form its distinctive culture. Zoroaster’s teachings affected all of the later religions, giving a meaning to good and evil, providing a morality in an age consumed by constant fighting and turmoil. It provided a basis for Judaism to expand upon, which in turn lead to the founding of Christianity and later Islam, all three of which are a very important part in the lives of many across the world. Altogether, Zoroastrianism has had a profound effect on the lives of all of humanity, and should be remembered as one of the stepping stones towards

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