Compare And Contrast The Four Monotheistic Religions

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There are so many different religions in the world. We will look at the striking differences between Hinduism and the three well known monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In doing some research into each of these religions we can find differences right away. Hinduism stands out among the four because it is in one way a pantheistic religion but it is also a polytheistic one as well. A pantheistic religion is one that believes in God being one with the universe. Monotheistic means the belief in one God and polytheistic means the belief in many gods. Hinduism is both a polytheistic and a pantheistic religion. Hinduism is the oldest living religion that has no founder. Hinduism adopted some of its primary beliefs …show more content…

But in the three big monotheistic religions, they believe that it was God himself who created the universe. This is stated in the first book of the old testament, the book of Genesis. When we look at the differences between Hinduism and Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; we can see there are some major differences. Hinduism is a pantheistic and polytheistic religion where Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all monotheistic religions. Judaism is the first religion to teach the monotheistic point of view. That view is basically that there is only one God. Unlike Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam do not believe in rebirths and life after death, in Islam it is one of the five basic pillars. Hinduism has a set of beliefs that they follow, but no set of rules, where as the three monotheistic religions do not have beliefs but rather 10 commandments, which Christianity and Judaism follow or the 5 basic pillars which is what the Islam religion follows. According to the website “Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are considered Arahamic religions because they each share in the Hebrew stories that feature Abraham.” The Hindu religion does not share in these

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