Dbq Essay On Christianity And Buddhism

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Religions have greatly shaped their followers' lives by their origin stories, societal teachings, and tone in their writings. Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism are different in their attitudes and creation stories, but similar in their social impacts. %Origin In the Islam, Hindu, and Buddhism beliefs and teachings, they differ in the number of gods worshiped and origin of life. In the Five Pillars of Faith, the Shahadat duty requires that "A Muslim must acknowledge that 'There is no God but Allah...'". This means that they are a monotheistic religion, as well as may not worship any other higher power. In addition, the teachings state a god created males and females, which is evident from the Quran statement "By Him that created the male and female" …show more content…

"The Night", from the Islamic Quran, has words that give off a barbarous feeling to those who read it. This is evident when it states "I warn you, then, of the blazing fire, in which none shall burn save the hardened sinner, who denies the truth and gives no heed" (Document 2). Through this document, it can be attributed to the modern-day interpretation by many Westerners that Islam is not a religion of peace. Buddhism takes a different approach, and explains what suffering is. Moreover, the tone and word choice was subjective, and stimulates a greater response. This is clear in many sections of the document, with one being "This is the noble truth of the origin of suffering: it is the craving which leads to renewed existence, accompanies by delight and lust..." (Document 6). Also, this document suggests that by it being the truth, any other religion opposing it is wrong, similar to what "The Night" in the Quran states. Being a different approach, the Mahabharata counters every negative statement with a positive one, such as "let us overcome the angry man with gentleness..." (Document 3). By using this method, they create a more peaceful and tranquil tone, and thus meaning. !!!CoNcLuDe

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