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The religions of Christianity and Islam have very similar beliefs, but they also have a lot of differences, which make each religion distinctive from each other. Also, the Christian and Muslim merchants attitude changed over the thousands of years to match each other or go completely in the opposite way. One of their commons points included their view of fairness. They both also had their own differing opinions like their views of wealth and cheating. All in all, Christian and Muslim merchants have had different views of Merchants and trade over the years like their differing views of cheating and wealth, but they both had similar views of fairness. The 11th Century Christians and 14th Century Muslims had different views of cheating …show more content…

In the Bible, the “founder” of Christianity, Jesus, said, “a rich man shall hardly enter into the kingdom of heaven” (Doc. 1). Jesus spoke against the rich and said that Christian life and heaven would be easier to attain if one were poor. Also, the 10th century Christian St. Godric followed Jesus’ introductions and “sold all of his possessions and distributed them among the poor [and] coveted the life of a hermit” (Doc. 5). As a Christian merchant earlier in his life, he decided to give it all his wealth and live for Christ. Although the Bible and Christian saints believed that being poor was better than being rich, not everyone gave up their riches to be poor. On the complete contrary of the Christianity beliefs, the Muslim were very greedy. In the 17th Century, two Muslim merchants sued another Muslim for not "paying an extra price and takes [all the merchant's cotton yarn] from its owner. The Muslim merchants believed they had the right for citizens to buy out all of their goods with an extra price; they wanted to take all the money from the people to become wealthy. This was a popular view by Turkish guild practices in the 15th and 16th century. An additional Muslim source is also needed to further explain the Muslim perspective of wealth, for example, a passage from the

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