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Islam went from a couple of people to all of Arabia, North Africa, Spain and South Asia. It all started when Muhammad visited a cave to pray. He thought the people of Mecca were to greedy. An angel came to the cave and made Muhammad speak Allah’s words. Allah was the monotheistic god, for Islam. He spoke the words in public, they were about how Allah is the one true god, and how charity is good and keeps one pure. Allah’s words, spoken through Muhammad, were written down into a book called the Qur’an. Muhammad had trouble spreading Allah’s words throughout Mecca, so he moved, along with his followers, to the city Medina. The people there liked Allah’s words and followed Muhammad when he returned to Mecca to try again. He succeeded and after gaining enough followers, he changed all the churches to mosques. Islam spread very quickly and in 624 CE, Muhammad changed the direction of prayer from Jerusalem to Mecca, signifying a whole new religion being …show more content…

It was in the center of a lot of big trade cities, including Mecca and Medina. According to Document A, Mecca was prosperous and important. Document A also states, “Mecca was the site of Arabia’s holiest Pagan shrine [The Ka’ba]” (Document A). Mecca had a lot of trade routes around it. It also had a lot of Jews, Christians, and Pagans from many places coming to the Ka’ba. In addition, goods came from Mecca and traveled other countries. As stated in I3, “(Mecca was) a busy trading center oasis for goods going to Syria and Iraq” (I3). The merchants and traders would bring the word of Islam as they traded with other countries. Finally, nomads and merchants became Muslims and traveled all around the Sahara Desert and Northern Africa. Then, the small Islam population across the Sahara Desert would spread even farther and even more around Africa and even the Mediterranean Sea. There are more reasons Islam spread quickly besides trade and beliefs, such as

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