Spread Of Islam Dbq Essay

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Muhammad had a strange visit to the caves by mount Hira. He came back and reported the news to his family saying that Gabriel told him that Allah was one God, and that he was sent from God to give him this message. In 610 CE, in Mecca (Arabia), Islam spread quickly because of the impact the trade routes had on them, the importance of the Qur’an, and the five pillars. To begin with, the trade routes played a very important role in the spreading of Islam. In the middle of the sixth century, Mecca was prosperous and important. “...the profits from caravans was a brisk pilgrimage trade, for Mecca was the site of Arabia’s holiest pagan shrine” (Doc. A). They traded vast camel trains, bearing spices, perfumes, precious metals, ivory and silk. The trade routes spread quickly through Islam because traders spread Muslim culture throughout Europe and Asia. Also, most people needed materials for manufacturing purposes. …show more content…

In 622 CE, Muhammad decided to leave because everyone was against his preaching. After his death in 632 CE, Muhammad’s words from Allah were written down in a book called Qur’an. “Only the Arabic Qur’an expresses without the fault the word of God” (World religion). That’s why the Qur’an can’t be translated, it can only be paraphrase. Muslims doesn’t follow the bible because it’s translated and it isn’t the exact words from God/Allah. The Qur’an spread quickly is because, Muslims believes that the Qur’an contains laws on how to be a better person,worshipping Gods, rules about marriage, and advice and wisdom. In the Qur’an, it stated that “But the believers who do good works, both men and women, shall enter Paradise. They shall not suffer the least injustice” (Doc. B). This shows that they can be rewarded to the afterlife if they follow the Qur’an, which are full of good deeds they need to accomplish

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