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In the city of Mecca, a man started a new religion known as Islam. This man was Muhammad who was born in about 570 C.E. While going to pray in a cave in the mountains of Mecca, an angel named Gabriel visited Muhammad. Gabriel proclaimed that Muhammad was a prophet, messenger of God. As he received messages from God, Muhammad began to teach and recite them to others. Over time, Islam attracted new followers through military conquest, trade, and the appeal of message, which contributed to the rapid spread of Islam. Perhaps the first major reason for the swift spread of Islam was raids followed by military conquests. Through Islam military campaigns, the religion expanded and prospered. Particularly, the map that depicted the spread of Islam …show more content…

To experience a moral life, people were taught to be good to all people. Specifically, the Qur’an stated that “those who submit to God and accept the true Faith; who are devout, sincere, patient, humble, charitable, and chaste; who fast and are every mindful of God – on these, both men and women, God will bestow forgiveness and rich recompense [reward]” (Document B). Hence, the Qur’an described that paradise was available to all those who perform good works. Similarly, the emphasis on attractive ideas could be appealing to people who lived in a difficult lifestyle. Because of these positive ideas about Islam, many people were inspired to convert to this religion, which contributed to the growth of Islam. The idea of peace expressed by Islam motivated others to convert to this Faith. Incidentally, Karen Armstrong discussed that “for centuries…Arabs had [added to] their inadequate resources by means of the ghazu [raids against other tribes], but Islam had put a stop to this because the ummah [Muslim community] was not permitted to attack one another” (Document D). Accordingly, the ghazu raids contradicted the peace of Islam, which showed that this religion was amicable. Many people desired to convert to Islam because of the way the religion refrained from brawls and raids. Therefore, the Muslim population increased and the religion thrived. All together, the appeal of the message resulted in the spread of

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