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The leader that everyone referred to as Mohammad had various things to offer his followers.(1) ~insert an opinion on this topic~According to documents 1 and 2 he offered things to his followers and the leaders of Christian Arab tribes.(2) Document 1 states that , “Believe or else pay tribute [money]… obey the Lord and His Apostle [Mohammad], and he will defend you.”(3) This shows that you are only offered something if you believe what he believes or believe in him.(4) In document 2 it is to be said that if you are a Muslim and you follow him you will be brought into the garden of paradise unfortunately if you do not you will be punished.(5) I believe that the strategy isn’t right due to the fact that if someone does not believe in his word …show more content…

These Muslims that we speak of who are they and why are they so great you might be saying to yourself.(1) They are individuals who are able to work amazingly together and are able to manage on their own. (2) Muslims were build on a strong rigid foundation and always had a strong backbone , their military. (3) The military you say ?! (4) The army to specify!(5) In Document 4 where they talk about the Muslim army it states “Muslims towards the inhabitants of the city were like the fury and cruelty of raging tigers.” (6) This shows that their army is very powerful. (7) They were referred to as raging tigers from that it can be told that their army is very strong and powerful but they are also aggressive and will put anything to a complete finish. (8) From that we can also tell that they work together as a team ,but they also work well apart from one another and can function as a society together . (9) Document 3 claims that muslim people are equal in “size” , they would rather be dead than alive, many prefer to be held to a low standard of importance rather than being held up and labeled as an important person, and they stick to their religious grounds and always partake in their activities.(10) Many people would not like to be seen this way but Muslims don’t seem to mind it. (11) They are strong and do not let power get to their heads. (12) Muslims show that more can be accomplished when everyone works together.

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