Three Monotheistic Religions

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The Faith of the three monotheistic religions began about four thousand years ago in the Middle East where a man named Abraham took his son up a mountain. Abraham was one of the first to split away from the belief of many gods and begin to follow one creator, God. He was sent by God up this mountain to kill his only son, Ishmael, which god had given him as a gift a few years earlier as to show that he would sacrifice his life for his. That was true faith towards God! All this began ever since he was a kid, Abraham, who was at the time Abram, started looking for a god other than his leader Nimrod who was looked up to as a God. At this point in time, people would worship idols which Abraham believed wrong so began searching for the God. Abraham would teach others about this idea of one God which branched into the three main monotheistic religions based on the Abrahamic religion that make up half of the population of the world 's religious beliefs today.

Islam 's religious beliefs began when Muhammad the founder of Israel, a gentleman of leisure, a man of prophetic sayings and a philosopher began teaching the word of God who in Islam …show more content…

It explains that they do not believe in a formal set of beliefs that one must hold to be a Jew. Instead in Judaism, actions are far more important than beliefs though they still have them. It is based from Abraham who is the founder of the three main monotheistic religions however they too, like Christianity, believe Moses to be another great prophet who started it when he drove the Hebrews out of slavery and to the promised land. Judaism focuses their rules around the thirteen principles of faith which outline things such as; prayer is to be directed to God alone, Moses ' prophecies are true, and Moses was the greatest of the prophets and The Messiah will come. This rule shows that Jews believe that their Messiah is still to come meaning that Jesus is not the

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