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Islam is the fastest and second largest religion in the world. Islam started with a prophet named Muhammad. Muhammad was a local merchant in Mecca went to a cave named Mt. Hira in Arabia to meditate. There, he encounters an archangel named Gabriel who squeezed out of him saying, ”Allah is one god.” Then after, he started telling his family members but stood silent since no one listened. Eventually after a encouragement from close friends, he spoke which all went to the Qur’an. Since Mecca resisted, he moved onto other lands to preach the word. Eventually he turned back to Mecca and preached. Soon after it started spreading rapidly. Why did Islam spread so quickly? Islam spread quickly because of conquering others, trade, and taxes. Firstly , Islam spread quickly through government. In Document B it states,” Do not devour one another’s property by unjust means, nor bribe the judges with it in order that you may wrongfully and knowingly usurp [take] other people’s possessions…” The town and people liked the rules and justice that Islam set. Plus in Document E it states,” To defend the lands of Islam and to protect from intrusion so that people may earn their livelihood and travel at will without danger to life or property.” The non-Muslims liked Islam because the government provided …show more content…

In Document A, it states,” By the middle of the 6th century… Mecca was … prosperous and important.” Mecca is prosperous and important meaning that people would trade there often and people may travel the routes and spread the religion and since it was important, people went there tremendously so people would trade religions and praise Islam. Plus in Document C, it shows that Islam spread in the vast region through Muhammad followers. Muhammad had many followers which meant that he had a variety of people teaching Islam. Those followers would spread Islam throughout the lands and then those people would spread to others and so

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