Brief History Of Judaism Essay

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Judaism was founded by Abraham, Isaac, and Moses, and it is the original Abrahamic religion. There are around 14 million followers of Judaism today, and these people are called Jews.

Judaism is a monotheistic religion, Jews believe that there is only one God. They believe that God created the universe and continue to effect everything in the world. They believe that every Jew can have a personal relationship with God. The relationship between the Jewish people and God is a covenant. In exchange for all the good things that God did and is still doing for them, Jews follow God’s laws and bring holiness into everything in their daily life.

Judaism is a family and community faith. Jews believe that God appointed them as a whole society to made …show more content…

God made covenants with the Jewish people. The first covenant was between God and Abraham. God chose Abraham to be the father of a group of people that would be special to God. God said Abraham and his descendants must obey God and live their life in a way that shows the world God was the only supreme God. In return God would protect them, help them, and give them the land of Canaan to live. Around 1300 BCE, the Jews were slaves in Egypt, and their leader was the prophet Moses. Then God guided them through this trouble and Moses lead them out of slavery and to the Holy land of Canaan. God gave another covenant when the Jewish people reached Mount Sinai, reinforcing the covenant that God had given to Abraham. God promised again that the Jewish people are his chosen people, and will never give up on them. God told the Jews that they must pledge to serve God forever and obey his rules to make the world a better and holier place. God also gave a set of rules that they have to live by, the 613 Commandments. This covenant was made to all Jews as a whole, and all through Jewish history is their attempts to make the world a good and equal society. The second covenant was the beginning of Judaism as a structured religion. With the directing of God, Jewish became a powerful group with people like David and

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