Moses In The Odyssey

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The story of Moses is perhaps one of the most well-known stories in the Bible. Moses was chosen by God to bring his people redemption. When God came to him, and told him what he was to do, Moses tried to dissuade God from sending him. At that point he has a wife and child, he was leading a comfortable life. (Clowney, 2013, p. 91) He was born into slavery, saved by his sister and a princess of Egypt, raised in the palace as the brother of Ramses, the prince of Egypt, and ultimately directed by God to give it all up to lead them to the Promised Land. He was given abundant privilege and education, (Arnold & Beyer, 2008, p. 105) however, Moses came to feel the pain of the Hebrews, and sought to help them. Moses was not trusted, and they turned …show more content…

(Exodus 3-4) Dealing with his pride, he went from privilege to poverty, to trailing about the dessert with grumbling people who took a long time to learn the lessons God was trying to teach them: humility, submission, and to be humble in the presence of the Lord. One of Moses’s major trials seems to have been the difference between what he thought his assets were, and what God thought his assets were. When he finally obeyed and fulfilled God’s will for him, Moses then had to bring law to the Israelites, and ultimately all Christians, while doing his best to keep them focused on the many blessings God had granted them. Moses brought the new covenant to the people. “The Sinai agreement added a new element to the covenant. The Sinai covenant was a public and specific relationship with God” (Arnold & Beyer, 2008, p. …show more content…

The trials that Moses went through with the Hebrew people, are some of the most well-known, but are also among the most important. It was put upon him to humble a whole nation, to bring them back into the presence of God, and to teach them God’s law. As a parent, I have the similar task of directing my children, to bring them into a relationship with God. I fight against what the modern world inundates them with every day. It is no longer a good thing to humble yourself for anything or anyone, and God has been removed from our everyday life. It is up to me to bring Him back into theirs, and that is difficult and painful. “Moses’ life was typological of the life of Christ” ("Life of Moses," n.d., para. 12). I teach my children best by living my life, as best that I can, being the proof of God, and bringing Him into the forefront in our

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