James Howard Meredith Research Paper

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James Howard Meredith was the first African America to go to Ole Miss. He had protested against racism and inequality then he became a symbol of civil rights.

James Meredith lived on a farm in a rural area near Kosciusko, MS. He was born on June 25, 1933. He was the 7th child of 13 children. His dad Moses also known as “Cap” he owned 80-acres of farmland. His dad used his farmland to grow many foods like corn, cotton, and many other foods. Moses was as strong old man and an independent patriarch. He refused to be treated as a second-class status by the whites that lived in the south. Moses did not like his sons or daughters to communicate with the whites so he had told his children to stay away from them. James Meredith’s mom was Judy Alsobook (Meredith) his dad had gotten married twice. Roxie Smith …show more content…

James Meredith had finally graduated in the year 1963. He had left Ole Miss with a bachelor’s degree. James Meredith has made up a March Against Fear it was a big civil rights movement down in the South. On June 6, 1966 James had finally launched the event. He has started the march in Memphis, Tennessee to Jackson, Mississippi. The distance from where to he was walking was about 220 miles. On the second day of his march a white man called James Aubrey Norvell had shot James. The white man had used a sniper and shot James in the leg, shortly after that James was hospitalized. After the Shooting the march had continued and the civil rights leaders along with SCLS’s Martin Luther King, Allen Johnson, SNCC’s Stokely Carmichael, Cleveland Sellers, Floyd McKissick and MFDP and a lot of other organizations had started up the march again in Meredith’s name. As the march was continued black and white people had joined. The point of James march was to go against racism and have the same rights just as the

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