The Bible The Epic Miniseries Analysis

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“The Bible: The Epic Miniseries” The story of Moses is among the most well-known stories of the Bible, yet nothing is mentioned about Moses’ childhood or teenage years. “The Bible: The Epic Miniseries” took this as an opportunity to illustrate an inferred story of how Moses came to realize his descent. While some aspects of the biblical story seep through this portion of the episode, much of it strays from the original source, adding and deleting parts that are either relevant or irrelevant to the plot of the episode. The episode entitled “Exodus” begins with a story of Moses and his realization of his true origin. The episode begins with Moses preparing to fight his uncle, Pharaoh’s son. Moses’ mother is distraught that her brother incessantly wishes to fight her son and tells Pharaoh of her uneasiness about the issues they have. She mentions that her brother loses these fights frequently, hinting that he may prompt these brawls out of his own insecurities. Moses and Pharaoh’s son are in the middle of a sword match when Moses’ mother, Pharaoh, and several other Egyptians walk into the room. Pharaoh breaks up the men, causing Pharaoh’s son to end up with a gash on his cheek from Moses’ sword. Pharaoh’s son angrily states to his father, “You should never have let her keep him…you’re not one of us” From this point Moses is confused and asks his mother what Pharaoh’s son is talking about. The crowd of people leave the room and Moses’ mother confesses to him that the Hebrews
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