Guadalupan Covenant

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The Guadalupan Covenant Guadalupe is the Virgin Mary and her covenant is shown through Cross’s article The Guadalupan Covenant. There are two main covenants’ that God creates, the Noahic covenant and the Mosaic covenant. These covenants are what make up Guadalupe and her covenant. God makes a covenant with Moses called the Mosaic covenant, which is the covenant between God and the nation of Israel. The covenant was made at Mount Sinai, where God makes Moses the leader of Israel. This covenant is conditional because its organized in the form of blessings and curses. God states “I will set my Dwelling among you, and will not disdain you. Ever present in your midst, I will be your God and you will be my people” (Cross 114). What God is saying …show more content…

In the Mosaic covenant we see the relation when Guadalupe mentions “I will be your mother and you will be my children”(Cross 113). What Guadalupe is saying is that she will take care of us like we are her children. Guadalupe foreshadows the Mosaic covenant by acknowledging equality within the mistreated and defeated. Rebirth is the main component to Guadalupe’s covenant. In the transformation of the real world she repeats “God’s love of creation in the Noahic covenant” into the transformation of Juan Diego. Guadalupe’s identity is related to all of her children “She does not make a preferential option for the Spanish conquerors, the Mexican nation, or even the indigenous” (Cross 118). What this is saying is the Guadalupe doesn’t want to be a mother to certain children she wants to be the mother of all children. Through the covenants it is shown that Guadalupe has a more formal argument. The main transformation of the Guadalupe covenant is seeing ourselves and others. Guadalupe tells her covenant has everlasting love within each and every one of us. That when every time we see an image of her the covenant is confirmed. Guadalupe is similar to the Mosaic covenant when she encounters Juan Diego like when the covenant is creating a connection with God and the

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