Virgin Of Guadalupe

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The Virgin of Guadalupe is a worldly known work of art; Jeanette Favrot Peterson questions the meaning of this iconic symbol in her article The Virgin of Guadalupe: Symbol of Conquest or Liberation? Peterson argues that this symbol is not only of religious connotation but of political value to freedom as well. Furthermore, paraphrasing her claims, that it was not until the nineteenth and twentieth century’s did the image reach its fullest potential of bringing together a fragmented people and become known as the “Mother of Mexicans.” The legend says that Juan Diego was visited by the Virgin on the hill of Tepeyacac and that she sent a message with him that she wanted a church built in her name, only after the third visit was he able to convince …show more content…

The rendition of the Virgin of Guadalupe Flanked by Saint John and Juan Diego validated the legend of the “original” Virgin by acknowledging the healing history this icon by placing Diego along with a Saint exhibiting its protecting nature to the inherent peoples. Peterson continues to say this would lead to an important first step of associating Mexico with the biblical New Jerusalem creating a stable religious-political foundation for more independent peoples. Although, these people would be continue to be viewed in jaded light for the colonials had a strong sense of class stratification that weighed heavily on race versus worth. Virgin of Guadalupe Venerated by Juan Diego and the Indian display the Indian as a reincarnate of a noble savage causing a disjointed understanding of the proper place in the caste. The Virgin was converted to a national emblem after it is believed that after widespread prayer she stopped a plague that was rapidly killing almost 100,000 proving her efficacy although who is to say that the widespread illness had already run its

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