The Importance Of The Davidic Covenant

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A Throne for All Ages The biblical covenants that God makes displayed in Piper’s Article, all of which fulfilled by Jesus, invite mankind to the Kingdom of the Father. Throughout the Bible, these covenants are made between God and people like Abraham, Moses, and Noah. They serve as a spectacular source of faith and help people on earth to realize the Father’s wisdom, power, and love he has to share. His covenants with man can be referred to as His own “self-written job description,” how He works to keep people on a good path in life. The Davidic Covenant is especially important, its fulfillment by the Son is a great way for Christians to find and see the strength of faith. The Article shows how His Covenant of David has a great connection…show more content…
Every covenant God has made with mankind is extremely important, each and every one of them shaping this history of God on earth. David’s covenant is so significant because David shows his amazing faith in God, trusting in Him to build a kingdom, one that cannot be held by a sinner or it will be torn from him, one that is to be secured not by himself but in one of his descendants. The kingdom will not even happen if the descendants of David are unrighteous and rebellious towards God. The kingdom will be established and reign under a descendant of David, God promises that the thrown shall be established forever. Isaiah sees this son of David, a “Prince of Peace” who establish and uphold the kingdom with justice and righteousness. The covenant is fulfilled when Gabriel announces the conception of Jesus in Mary, who is to be the King of David’s kingdom, David and his descendants’s strong faith in God result in God doing His job and establishing that kingdom through His…show more content…
God does invite all of us to be a part of his Kingdom and to live under his Son, the King of Kings. God knows His Kingdom is a great one filled with joy and righteousness, He encourages all to join and find the try good that He has to offer for us. God wants to do nothing but give love to us, which I see to be very obvious in how welcoming He is towards man. God’s job description is a fair one, simply hold up you’re end of the deal and He will fulfill all that He promised to. I have found the kingdom to be very open and welcoming place for me, as it will enlighten all in it forever, and God will provide His love for all who serve under

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