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The book The Chrysalids is a unique book with suspense, mystery, and different ways of how people view life. With every good book comes a catchy title like “The Chrysalids” but, what does the title mean? How does it relate to the story being told? Personally, I don’t know the meaning of chrysalids although it’s a very interesting word and so simple so it must have some meaning to the book. The book has a very unique storyline with an intriguing title, but what is the true meaning behind the title? The Chrysalids is a book about a young boy living in a very controlled society. If you don’t meet the expectations of the inspector, you are considered a deviation and don’t belong on this world or in their community. It takes place after Tribulation, and a catastrophic event angering God causing the community to live up to his expectations perfectly. David, the main character is the son of Joseph, who enforces all …show more content…

This shows the change David has made with his views and choices. In the beginning of the book, David wished for extra arms as a harmless joke only to realize that making that joke costed him and got beat by his father. David then kept quiet as he didn’t want to express his own feelings due to trauma he has suffered. By the end of the book, David runs away with his friends in protest to his father’s rules and to express who he truly is. From the beginning of the book to the end, David has shown examples of him changing who he is as a person for the better. This is the same transition a butterfly goes through when it starts out as a caterpillar, then creates its own shell ending in a beautiful transformation of a butterfly showing it’s wings and flying. David at the end of the book is simply showing his wings as an outcome of his transformation he made on his own. This couldn’t be done without the support of the

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