The Chrysalids And Lord Of The Flies Comparison Essay

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In the novels “The Lord of the Flies” and “The Chrysalids”characters are pushed to their limits, and they are driven to do things that they wouldn’t normally do, what drives them to do these things, is their fears. In both novels they fear a godly figure, and the unknown. The characters deal with their fear in similar ways. Finally, the Waknukians fear eventually lead them to their downfall, and the same thing goes for the boys in the “Lord of the Flies”.
In both novels the characters fear both the unknown, and a godly figure. The Waknuk fear the mutated people because they are different, in other words, the unknown. The case is the same for the boys in “The Lord of the Flies”. This fear of the unknown is shown in “The Lord of the flies” when Simon comes in and they think he’s a monster so they beat him to death. At this time the boys did not know that it was Simon, they simply beat him because they were afraid and they assumed it was a monster. The godly figure that the boys fear in “The Lord of the Flies” is shadow on the mountain. The boys begin to fear the shadow. The boys begin to fear this shadow, and treat it almost as a God, they even begin to leave it offerings. In the chrysalids this figure is their God. The reason they fear God because they think …show more content…

In “the chrysalids” the characters deal with their fears by killing the ones they are afraid of, in this case the mutants, and trying to please the other one, in this case their God. On the other hand in “The Lord of the flies” Jack and his hunting group distracted themselves by hunting, and killing, and in the end making themselves feel like they were the strongest. The main difference that the Lord of the flies characters have over the characters in the Chrysalids is that in the Chrysalids the characters choose to get rid of their fears, while in the Lord of the Flies the characters overcome

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