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Stuck on an island with kids and an unknown “beast” what is it? The story of Lord of the Flies occurs during World War 2 on a deserted island after a plane filled with children crashed and where a new beast takes over . What is the beast? The beast in Lord of the Flies is constantly changing from fear to war then to savagery. So what is the meaning of the beast in the Lord of the Flies? The beast in Lord of the Flies at the beginning of the story is fear. In document A Claire Rosenfield says “they externalize these fears into a figure of a beast.” The children on the island create a beast that they base on their fear from everything that has happened so far and what could happen. The children make the beast to show how scared they actually are and what they're afraid of because they aren't where they normally …show more content…

In document C Jayanta Danger says “World War 2 left an indelible impact on Golding.” The book is heavily influenced by Golding life so him being in the navy affects a lot about things that happened in the book. In Lord of the Flies a “dog fight” happen and a dead man falls from the sky with his parachute and lands inside a tree which now changes the beast into what Golding says in document D “A figure swirly beneath a parachute a figure that hung with dangling limbs” This tells us that now the beast symbolizes war among the island and everywhere in the world. Lastly the beast becomes savagery. In document E, Golding writes “maybe there is a beast… What I mean is… maybe it's only us.” Simon says this towards the beginning of Lord of the Flies when they first talk about what the beast is. Simon says that there isn't really a beast but only it is themselves. Once they kill Simon it explains deeply about how they kill him and how cruel and brutal it was. They kill him by biting and clawing and acting like savages. Simon says that it's themselves that is the beast and it shows in the part of the story how they act savage and

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