The Memory Keeper's Daughter Analysis

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A photograph is more than just a simple image; it tells a story. A story beyond a particular moment in time, it holds secrets and memories. The eagerness to comprise a moment in the perfect shot seems to become an obsession for many. In Kim Edwards ' novel The Memory Keeper 's Daughter, Edwards uses photography as a motif which coincides with the novel 's idea of secrets. David Henry, the antagonist of the novel, becomes fascinated with photography after choosing to give away his daughter and compresses his guilt with photography. Caroline Gill informally adopts David 's newborn daughter, Phoebe, and as Phoebe grows up send David photos of how successful Phoebe has become with ulterior motives. Norah struggles with David obsession of photos thinking they interfere with the moment. Kim Edwards uses the motif of photography to reveal how a single moment in time is much more complex.
Photography becomes symbolic of David 's life; in his efforts to trap every moment in time in its precise moment he loses what he cares about most; his family. After the birth of David’s twin he becomes obsessed with photos, he tires to cope with his lies by taking photos. David spent most of his time taking photos, he saw it as his secret so much so that he wanted to have his own space for him and his photos: “David went to the mini refrigerator where he kept his chemicals and film. The envelope was tucked far in the back, behind several bottles. It was full of twenty dollar bills, new crisp and

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