Analysis: The Impossible Knife Of Memory

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Title Conflict can influence an individual’s decisions and actions. People have conflicts everyday. Conflicts can sometimes be as simple as which milk you are going to buy. Conflicts can also be as difficult as watching your parents going through a divorce. Some people can prevail because they learn how to live with the difficulties of adversity. In “The Impossible Knife of Memory,” Hayley has to deal with the adversity of living with her father whose PTSD is tearing him apart. Most people wouldn’t be able to handle the stress and pain it would bring. Some people can handle the stress of adversity with the help of others,support from loved ones and commitment to one’s self and family. In “The Impossible Knife of Memory,” Hayley has to…show more content…
To be more specific it’s with the help of a specific someone she is able to keep going on. Hayley has a boyfriend Finn who is there whenever she needs him. Finn was helping her even before they started dating. The first time he helped her was around chapter 11 when she needed a ride home. Hayley needed to get home to make sure her dad was ok and Trish hadn’t showed up again. He took her home because he was worried about her and she was shaking. Later on after Finn and Hayley had started dating she asked him to help her pick up her dad. Andy had made a scene at the bar and was too drunk to find where he had parked the car. Finn took her without saying much after their phone call. He took her home afterwards and helped Hayley get Andy in the house. Finn continued to help Hayley even after Trish came back into the picture and Hayley started acting weird. Finn drove her to and from the school everyday and maintained her happy all the time she was out of her house. Though Finn and Hayley had couple fights, in the end of the day they would make up and continue being happy. Finn did everything in his power to stick by her through thick and thin. Hayley felt safe and worryless when she was with FInnegan(Finn). He helped Hayley keep some of her ‘demons’ away. Throughout the whole book that is the whole relationship you see between Finn and
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