The Man In The Black Suit Literary Devices Analysis

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Literary devices are used by an author to enhance a story. These devices can help to make a piece more descriptive, complex and thrilling. Literary devices can also help the reader further understand the text. Conflict, characterization, and imagery are exemplary examples of literary devices used by authors. Conflict is one of the most essential literary devices. Conflict happens when a character experiences some type of fight or dispute. Conflict can be internal or external, and generally makes for a more interesting story and a much more enjoyable experience for the reader. The conflict in Borders by Thomas King is the most important element of the story, as the conflict between Laetitia 's mother and the security at the Canada-United States …show more content…

Imagery allows a reader to imagine the events of a story within their mind through mental images. Imagery can describe how something looks, a sound, a feeling, a taste, or a smell. Imagery is especially important when the author is describing a character or a setting. The short story The Man In The Black Suit by Stephen King has several excellent examples of imagery. In the lines “Even before he reached me, I recognized the aroma baking up from the skin under the suit—the smell of burned matches. The smell of sulfur.” King clearly describes the smell of the man in the black suit. This description allows us to imagine what Gary is smelling in our minds. Consequently, we can better empathize with the boy due to being able to conceptualize the situation he is in much more clearly. An additional example of imagery taken from King’s, The Man In The Black Suit are the lines “His face was very long and pale. His black hair was combed tight against his skull and parted with rigorous care on the left side of his narrow head. He was very tall.” Although these lines are also an instance of characterization, they are an excellent example of imagery as well. King’s description supplies us with a very distinct mental image of the man in the black suit, that the reader can continue to visualize as they read the

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