Summary Of Emily St. John Mandel's Station Eleven

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Memory affects the way people think and what they do after an epidemic. In the novel Station Eleven, by Emily St. John Mandel, memory plays an important role for Kirsten, Clark, and François. These three characters all create and collect to live in their memories; Kirsten gets tattoos and Clark makes a museum, while François creates a library and publishes newspapers.
Kirsten Raymonde, an actress who has seen death right before her eyes multiple times, gets tattoos to remember what she did. The first death she saw in front of her was on stage before the collapse. She was close to a very famous actor who died while acting on stage. She never killed before the collapse, but then killing became inevitable after the collapse to survive. “She was distantly aware that he was moving quickly, but there was more than enough time to pull a knife from her belt and send it spinning---so slowly, steel flashing in the sun---until it merged with the man and he clutched at his throat” (St. John Mandel 295). The first year she was with the Symphony, a man came at her, and she understood his intent. She killed him before he could touch her to protect herself. She would only kill characters who are threatening to her life. Although this is only an act of self-protection, she does not feel proud of it. She has knife tattooed on her wrist to make sure she remembers every person she killed. When she is asked about her tattoos during an interview, she gets annoyed with the interviewer, “I won’t

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