The Epic Warrior David's The Secret Chord

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The Secret Chord, derived from Biblical tales, has as a central character the legendary warrior David. David is the father of Solomon, or Shlomo. The story is presented from the point of view of Natan, who is a prophet and adviser. Over time, he becomes close to David. When Natan is ten years old, David begs Natan’s father for help. The father ignores this plea and is killed by a group of David’s men. Natan then has a vision of an outlaw becoming a future king. David has the same vision thus forming a bond between Natan and David that will last for their lifetimes. Why he would go on to serve his father’s killer is unclear to Natan, but he recognizes that it is part of his destiny. Loyalty and betrayal thus emerge as themes in the story. David is a warrior, but one with shortcomings and a high opinion of himself. In his vision of the future, only his and Natan’s fates matter. Natan promises that David will have an empire that will withstand the test of time. He remains loyal to David whose main desire is the acquisition of power. When speaking to Natan about David, David’s mother and brother describe him as an outsider who needs to look out for his own interests. He also hears stories told by the wives of David who have had to learn the ways of treachery in order to survive. As Natan predicted, David reaches great heights with many victories in battle, bringing harmonious times to Israel along with economic prosperity. He has many sons with numerous wives and also has one

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