Old Testament Essays

  • Old Testament Covenants

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    Old Testament Covenants In the Old testament you see God making a lot of promises. During Biblical times these were called Covenants. A Covenant is an “Arrangement between two parties involving mutual obligations; especially the arrangement that established the relationship between God and his people, expressed in grace first with Israel and then with the church. Through that covenant God has conveyed to humanity the meaning of human life and salvation Covenant is one of the central themes of the

  • The Bible: The Mosaic Law In The Old Testament

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    MOSAIC LAW. In the Old Testament, the word “law” is used to translate the Hebrew word torah, “instruction.” The Hebrew word for “law” probably comes from the causative form of the verbyarah, “to shoot/throw.” Laws are therefore rules governing one’s actions. The Mosaic Law is the document that God gave to Israel through Moses while Moses was on Mt Sinai. It was to govern the life of the Israeli theocracy—the priest nation. The law contained requirements, blessings, and curses. The law is that which

  • Pre-Millennialism In The Old Testament

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    God made with Israel” . In this paper, however, the position that will be defended is pre-millennial view. To help us get a grasp of this discussion, let us look at the biblical history of premillennialism in the Old Testament. BIBLICAL HISTORY OF PREMILLENNIALISM IN THE OLD TESTAMENT A good student

  • The Prophets In The Old Testament

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    The Old Testament, as opposed to the New Testament, shows many different sides of God. God is characterized as challenging, spiteful, or even vengeful in some of the stories of the Old Testament. Instead of teaching the concepts of love and forgiveness, the Old Testament emphasizes sacrifice and how it is required to live a life of faith. The Pentateuch introduces the covenants made between God and certain individuals in which, through fulfilling the tasks that God asks of them, they are granted

  • The God Of The Old Testament Analysis

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    How can we understand the God of the Old Testament? How did the God of the New Testament reveal Himself? We cannot say that the God of the Old Testament is the God of justice and that of the New Testament, revealed in Jesus Christ, is the God of mercy. Although the language is very different, the God of the New and of the Old Testament is the same; for there is one God. In fact, God's action in the Old Testament is deeply marked by a dynamic of mercy. The word mercy means to suffer for the misery

  • Importance Of The Old Testament Law

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    2. THE OLD TESTAMENT LAW DOES NOT APPLY TO CHRISTIANS There is a lot of confusion and much debate about the relevance of the Old Testament law and how or if it should apply to believers in the Church today. Although some try, there is no one denomination of community of believers who are upholding all the Old Testament law in its entirety. Most believers observe aspects of the law in differing grades, with some Christians holding to the view that the Old Testament law has been done away with completely

  • Goals And Reflection: Missions In The Old Testament

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    Reflection: Missions in the Old Testament When God calls His people to be part of his kingdom, he always gives us a purpose or a mission. Most of Gods people in the Old Testament are given a mission; there is always a commission. God always has a great plan to save the world, to initiate this plan; he needs to use us as instruments to reach out to others. (Isa. 45:22). Old testament is filled with people with missions like Adam, Seth, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and others had their mission to

  • Reflection Paper On Christ In The Old Testament

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    my understanding about the study of Christ in the preferred reading and the Old Testament and New Testament. Without the Old Testament we cannot derive the knowledge about Christ, Ignoring the Old Testament is like ignoring a considerable portion of the Scripture about Christ. Before getting the prominent view of Christ in the New Testament, Christ was actively portrayed in the Old testament as well. In the Old Testament the areas of prominence were Creator and the Provider. Furthermore, the basic

  • Old Testament Theology Research Paper

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    Brent Braunberger BTH 530 Old Testament Theology Dr. Cotton Spring, 2003 The Old Testament Theology of Hesed I. Introduction A. The three most common words used for love in OT. 1. Ahab (250 times) – can include romantic, fraternal and divine love. Is spontaneous and out-flowing love, in contrast to love arising from deliberate choice (ISBE). 2. Hesed (246 times) – can include human devotion, loyalty, or kindness to others or to God, but most commonly used within the context of God’s love for mankind

  • The Bible: God Revealed Christ In The Old Testament

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    God revealed himself in the Old Testament, by detailing His fundamental plan, for humanity. Dr. Korver suggested that the theme of the Bible is about God’s sovereign restoration of His earthly kingdom. Likewise, Paul Enns states, the Old Testament can be summarized under the central theme of kingdom (39). Therefore, the Scriptures are about God’s kingdom and God restoring His kingdom on earth. In fact, the whole purpose of God sending His only begotten Son was to destroy the works of darkness through

  • Salvation In The Old Testament

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    reconciliation, redemption, ransom, forgiveness, and justification. Even though the Bible is a unitary book, the new and the old testaments present salvation in different aspects. However, the different aspects are complementary. In fact, the Old Testament presents many prophesies about salvation that was fulfilled in the New Testament (Kärkkäinen 87). Salvation in the New Testament is viewed as the means through which God provides His people with redemption and deliverance from spiritual death and sin

  • Reflection On The Old Testament

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    Every time I actually try to read the Old Testament with intent, looking for new meaning and understanding and praying for wisdom, I learn a lot. This class has not been an exception! This semester has been the quickest that I’ve read the entire Old Testament and the first time I have really felt that I’ve understood the overall chronology (though I still struggle with some of the finer points, as I think we all will). What was really important for me this semester was seeing the characters of each

  • Creation In The Old Testament

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    The Old Testaments covers many different monumental events that shaped human life for the good and bad. The first eleven chapters are classified as the Primeval period. Creation starts off the Primeval period. In Genesis 1, which is roughly around 4000 BC. God created everything in six days and rested on the seventh. After every day, he said "this is good." From the very beginning of time, everything was good and perfect, lacking in nothing. On the seventh day God rested, we see here how God worked

  • Mystery In The Old Testament

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    In a sense the church has always been in way of life. Throughout the Old Testament we see that God has always had a person set apart and called out. There are various events in the Old Testament were there are gathering of God’s people. Churches today continue with one shift, now we don’t become Israelites we become Christians. You see this is the amazing part of God’s plan that

  • Role Of Indwelling In The Old Testament

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    case of Old Testament saints (Hebrews 11) who looked ahead to the cross, believing that what God had promised in regard to their redemption would come to pass. 2) Indwelling (or filling) - Here is where the major difference between the Spirit’s roles in the Old and New Testaments is apparent. So, while in the New Testament the Spirit only indwells believers and that indwelling is permanent (1 Corinthians 3:16-17; 6:19-20), in contrast to this work in the New Testament, the indwelling in the Old Testament

  • Essay On Everyone Should Deserve A Second Chance

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    Have you ever wished you could turn back the clock and relive a particular event or relationship issue? I believe that everyone does deserve a second chance in life. Although often times these second chances are not given. A second chance is like a gift for people who make mistakes. It allows them to learn from their first mistake and do a better job the second time around. Second chances are a wonderful thing everyone should have. I know that this starts with my own life. “Though no one can go back

  • Pros And Cons Of Christian Marriage In The Old Testament

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    wife, and Judah and his wife. Act 18:2-32; Romans 16:3-53, and 1 Corinthians 9:5. 3. In the Old Testament, we are shown that there is a spouse to help us. In the New Testament, the spouse can prevent sins. The Christian marriage is to help each other on one side, and to prevent sins on the other side. III. The significant one for marriage A. The commandments in the Old Testament 1. In the Old Testament, there are more than enough orders for us to see that we should not marry people not chosen

  • The Person I Admire The Best Person Essay

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    The Most Admirable Woman The person who I admire the most in life is my grandma Valerie. I have a very authentic relationship with her that I am very contented for. When I turned sixteen, she passed down a beautiful ring to me that was her mother’s, she wanted me to cherish this gift for years to come. She said to me “whenever you feel like you’re doing something wrong, you just look down at that ring and know I’m watching”. It was a moment I hold dear to my heart and will remember for the rest

  • School Students: The Different Causes Of Pressure In School

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    second reason is that my dad wants me to be perfect. Sometimes I simply can't keep up! Whenever i fail to be that person he wants me to , I sometimes feel like I’m such a disgrace or a burden to him. Thirdly, my mum left me when i was not even a year old, and I’m really trying to keep in touch with her recently but it doesn't seem to click as much as daughters and mothers all around me do. I can get pretty depressed when I think about it and so it can really stress me out. Last but not least, my dad

  • Gilgamesh Flood Short Story

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    Flood Stories Introduction There are different questions that surround humanity in nature. For instance, mortality, violence, evil, love, sexuality civilization and nature, friendship and travel adventures. Moreover, super natural powers are assumed to surround humanity and they are depicted to affect the lives humans. This essay examines all the above-mentioned questions that affect human beings and life at large; drawn from two stories. These stories are “The Epic of Gilgamesh” and “Noah and the