Summary Of The Old Testament By David Youngblood

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The Heart of the Old Testament is a book written by Ronald Youngblood. Youngblood wrote this book with a goal of showing people that the Old Testament is not any different from the New Testament, and should not be treated or believed any differently. Throughout the course of the book, Youngblood identifies the nine themes that form the foundation of the Old Testament. The nine themes include monotheism, sovereignty, election, covenant 1 and covenant 2, theocracy, law, sacrifice, faith, and redemption.

Christians, Muslims and Judaists believe in existence of one god which is also referred to as monotheism, other people believe in existence of many gods which is referred to a polytheism and others believe there are no gods at all which is referred to as atheism. Monotheists believe that there is only a single god who created the earth and …show more content…

Monotheism which is best illustrated by Isaiah 45:22, “I am God, and there is no other,” Sovereignty which is best portrayed by Psalm 135:6, “The Lord does whatever pleases him,” Election which is best described in Deuteronomy 14:2, “The Lord has chosen you,” Covenant which is best demonstrated by Genesis 6:18, “I will establish my covenant with you,” and Exodus 19:5, “Obey me fully and keep my covenant,” Theocracy which is revealed by Psalm 97:1, “The Lord Reigns, let the earth be glad,” Law which is highlighted by Psalm 19:7, “The law of the Lord is perfect,” Sacrifice which is emphasized in Psalm 66:15, “I will sacrifice…bulls and goats,” Faith which is depicted in Proverbs 3:5, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart,” and finally Redemption which is explained in Isaiah 44:22, “Return to me, for I have redeemed you.” God gives His followers very detailed instructions on how to live eternal life with Him and not be cursed by evil. It is up to us as His followers to take part in His great

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