Hebrew Culture Essay

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In the history of the hebrews the religion has displayed a remarkable adaptability and continuity. Starting when God flooded the world and spared nobody but Noah and his family, when God had Abraham leave Mesopotamia and settle in the land of the Canaanites, And when God had Moses lead his people out of slavery and into the promised land. All of these points change the face of the Hebrew culture and their religion. The Hebrews history was remarkable which they managed to survive as people and as a culture. From the Hebrews point of view the whole purpose was to illuminate their relationship with God When God was in the picture with the Hebrews things became different, God did not allow more than one god which is called monotheism. God made …show more content…

In this time this where the Nile river was built, where structured religious started when pharaohs were considered Gods, the adaption of writing hieroglyphs, the prediction of annual rise and fall of Nile floods enabled state agriculture system,and when desert offered protection from warring tribes. All of these major events happening during this period and lead to some accomplishments. From 1500 Through 550 B.C where was the Hittites, Assyrians, and the Persians were established. The Hittites discovered smelting, iron made stronger and more durable tools and weapons, and how the use of horse traveling started. The Assyrians formed militarism, had an empire reach from Persian gulf to the Nile river, and this lead to the first universal empired formed. The Persians spanned countless lands from Persian gulf to Nile river, and started a new language for people. Some might ask what’s the relevance of the Western Civilization towards religion ? In my opinion it plays a big role because churches lead to social service. This brings Art, Philosophy and science into the civilization. But it does intrude with People belief and the king 's belief, As a king you want you people to follow you and listen to you, but when you have other people believing and worshipping other Gods it tends to discombobulate

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