Analysis: Hymn To The Nile

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Ancient Egypt SLL 1057F Amber Waynik WYNAMB001 Tutorial group 2 Jessica Nitschke 1.Hymn to the Nile i) The phenomenon that the “Hymn to the Nile “responds to the dependency of the Egyptian people on the Nile river. The text shows that the Nile river served as a source of life which sustained and provided all for Egyptians “who creates all that is good” (“Hymn to the Nile” stanza 9). The text asks questions about who controls the Nile and why it flow the way it does - the text itself answers that it is the Egyptian god Hapy who controls the Nile. Hapy is the god of the Nile (Professor David Wardle, Wednesday the 17th of February) who delivers the drought or the floods affecting the prosperity of the land (“Hymn to the Nile” stanza 1). The …show more content…

The “Hymn of the Nile” accounts for the yearly famine and flood that occurred and Hapy’s role in them “Gracious when he comes” (“Hymn to the Nile” stanza 5). It shows the reader that the people understood their dependency on the Nile and on their god Hapy “people change according to his coming” (“Hymn to the Nile” stanza …show more content…

2.22) yet he states that even this theory is flawed. Herodotus continues his argument by stating why these theories are incorrect. He justifies his theory of why the Nile river behaves the way it does. He then goes on to explain how he came up with this theory and why he believes it to be correct (Hdt. 2.34). He proves his theory with facts from his visit to Egypt and information he gathers from the local people who are most depend on the Nile (Hdt. 2.33). iv) Herodotus’s writing is useful when studying ancient Egypt as it shows and explains all views of both scholars and foreigners at the time (Hdt. 2.20). The text teaches historians about Egypt’s neighbours and their views on Egyptian culture and the Nile (Hdt. 2.30). This source is also useful in teaching historians about climate and the geography of ancient Egypt (Hdt. 2.25). These writings are bought directly from Herodotus to historians showing us what history books were like during the time of ancient Egypt. Herodotus also shows historians his personal opinion as well as that of the Greeks on ancient

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