How Did Hatshepsut Influence Ancient Egyptian Society

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Throughout history, Egypt was one of the greatest societies for many reasons. The Egyptian society lasted from 3100 BCE to 30 BCE. It was ruled by multiple pharaohs, one of the most important being Queen Hatshepsut as she was the first female pharaoh in Ancient Egypt. In addition, the geography of the region helped the Egyptian people immensely as the Nile River provided a way of transportation improved soil conditions. Lastly, their architectural advancements made their society great as it created a way of spiritual life for all people. The aspects in which made Egypt great were Queen Hatshepsut, the geography of the region and their architectural advancements. Queen Hatshepsut influenced Egypt in many great ways in which made the nation prosper. She married her half-brother, Tutmose II, and upon his death, his young son Tutmose III, ruled Egypt alongside Hatshepsut. Queen Hatshepsut “in a bold move… seized the throne for herself and gained the backing of …show more content…

To begin, typically between June and September, the river would flood its banks. Since there is little rainfall in Egypt, this yearly flood would allow moisture back into the soil, improving the conditions for farming. This area of land “along the banks of the Nile [is called] the Kemet, or Black Land.” It is noted that “the land along the banks of the Nile River were extremely fertile.” In addition, the Nile River acted as a natural highway, creating opportunities to trade goods by water. Also, since the river was the only way. The Nile River also provided drinking water for the Egyptians. The Nile River also provided as protection as “People wanting to invade Egypt would have to first cross the river, which was very wide in places.” In a sense, it allowed them to isolate themselves. Therefore, without the Nile River, farming, transportation and protection would have been

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