Essay Comparing Ancient Egypt And Mesopotamia

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The most significant factor that influenced the development of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia was their geography, because their locations by large rivers led the civilizations to produce an abundance of food, leading to a population increase and for several cities to form which influenced the cultural, economic, and political influence of both civilizations. The flooding within both ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia allowed their agriculture to thrive Mapping sentence for culture. Mapping sentence for economic. Mapping sentence for Political. Transition. With the rivers located just by ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, both civilizations’ culture depended on agriculture, and were formed around agricultural communities which supplied them with food. In Egypt, the annual flooding of the Nile contributed to their development in agriculture, while Mesopotamians depended on the Euphrates river, which was less dependable than the Nile because of its unpredictable flooding. The flooding of the two rivers in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia left a fertile layer of soil, making it easier to plant crops and allowing both communities to depend on their rivers for …show more content…

Stable government systems were also created based off these social classes, which had a role in the development of religion as well. Trade routes were formed along the Nile and Euphrates that allowed Egypt and Mesopotamia to trade with other civilizations as well and also allowed for civilizations to expand their regions, and ultimately increase their wealth. One of the main differences between the social classes of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia is that Egyptian women had more choices than Mesopotamian women, which could be because of the fact that Mesopotamia was influenced by empires where women had no choice for the lives they lived, while Egypt was somewhat

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