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In ancient Egypt the Nile was a life or death resource because it gave water for drinking, was depicted to surround the ancient Egyptian heaven, and also controlled the growing season. The Nile as a resource helped create a thriving agricultural system. Along with the plentiful crops was the sand that went everywhere causing diseases and dental issues. The Nile River with fertile soil, and a major resource helped make the Egyptian civilizations that occurred long ago to thrive to their best ability. The Nile River shaped ancient Egypt by organizing the settlement distribution, developing the economy and changing their spiritual life.
Ancient Egypt’s organization of settlement distribution would be greatly different without the Nile. First …show more content…

First, as seen in Document B the Nile River flood cycle impacts economics because, depending on the season there would be more agriculture, people would work on constructing the pyramids, or trading crops. This evidence proves that the Nile shaped economics in ancient Egypt because, it controlled when and what farmers or anyone did for work. Next, Document C demonstrates sailboats, a barge, and tugs traveling with goods. This evidence prove the economy, developing was because the trading of goods on the river enables ancient Egypt to trade with places farther down, or across the river. The final piece of evidence that is seen in Document C is in a side note it states that the boats depicted in the illustration were going north to south, which means they were going against the current. This evidence proves that despite having to travel the Nile against the current they still utilize the Nile for an important transportation method. The Nile has played a major role in the development of the economy in ancient …show more content…

First, on Document D it shows a picture of what the Egyptians thought was heaven. This evidence proves that the Nile is essential to the ancient Egyptians religion because in some of the pictures it depicts Egyptians and, the sun god, Ra, floating along the Nile River. Also on Document D it depicts the ancient Egyptians heaven on a tomb, being surrounded by the Nile irrigation channels. This evidence shows how the Nile shaped the Ancient Egyptians religion because, they feel that heaven should be surrounded in irrigation channels of the Nile, proving how holy they perceive the Nile to be. Lastly, on Document E there is a hymn to the Nile saying how the Nile keeps the animals alive, how it helps produce crops, how much joy it brings, and how without it they would not be able to survive. This evidence proves the Nile’s impact on ancient Egypt’s religion because they have created a religious song centering, on how they could not survive without it. It is hard to imagine what the ancient Egyptians spiritual life would be like without the Nile’s

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