Ap World History Compare And Contrast Essay

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1. Compare and contrast the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia and Egypt. Point out the similarities and the differences in geography, religion, social structure, political systems, economy, status of women, and other factors, and explain the effect of these differences and similarities upon each civilization.

The similarities between Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia as far as geography is both civilizations depended on a drainage system for their existence. Most of their surrounding regions were dry and improper for their large scale agriculture. As far as differences, Ancient Egyptians used seasonal flooding of the Nile river for agriculture. Due to the region's dry and hot climate. The Egyptians produced way more food than was needed …show more content…

With many influential contributions how can one not admire them from philosophy, art, architecture, science, and math. The ancient Greeks were also able to accomplish this while fighting the Persian and Peloponnesian war. In philosophy there was Socrates Aristotle, and plato. Socrates created the socratic method which today is known as the scientific method which is still commonly used in science. Some of the greatest achievement in Greek were science and math from medicine, biology, physics, geometry, psychology, and astronomy. In astronomy they found that the sun was 300 times larger than the earth. As well as that the universe was composed of atoms. Also, they were able to calculate the size of the earth. In mathematics they came up with the value of pi, and were also known for the book called elements which was wrote by Euclid. In the physics area they invented the lever pulley and the force pump which came to be the steam engine. There have been many accomplishments as well as influential people who made a great influential contribution to the Western civilization. When a civilization can produce something that is still used today I personally have to admire them. Which is why the Greek civilization is one to be

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