How Did Egyptian Culture Influence Ancient Greek Culture

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Ancient Egypt was the most advance civilization of antiquity. They had fairly advance Medicine, Architecture, Religion, and were also wise in philosophy. Greek culture learned a lot from Egypt, and they constantly referred to them and sought to find their ancestors in Egypt. The Nile was a fundamental element for the flourishing of the civilization of ancient Egypt, most of the population of cities were in the Nile valley and the Delta. The Nile was vital to Egyptian culture from the stone age. Climate change, and desertification, dried the hunting and grazing lands of Egypt to form of Sahara Desert, around 8000 B.C; then the inhabitants emigrated and settled next to the river Nile, where they developed an agricultural economy and a centralized society. Egyptian Society was of a pyramidal …show more content…

The land was fertilized annually by the floods of the Nile and them grew cereals to make bread and beer, vegetables, linen to manufacture fabrics, etc. Bread, onions and beer were part of the basic diet of the classes. What led Egyptian civilization to the fall more than 3000 years ago was perhaps from war to epidemic, according to paleo climatic research, could be a brief episode of drought. Stuart Manning, a professor at Cornell University in New York, assumed that this climatic episodic could have had important political consequences; a change in climate was enough to alter food resources and other infrastructures, which probably led to the fall of civilizations such as the Akkadian Empire and the Ancient Kingdom to Egypt. In conclusion we can affirm that Egypt is without doubt a great civilization that is worth to be studied in depth, importance they gave to the scientific advances of that time make us see the magnitude of this civilization, it’s importance and understand why these vestiges are so studied that until today are found and

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