Compare And Contrast Ancient River Valley Civilizations

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Egypt, Mesopotamia, Shang/Zhou dynasties/China, and the Indus Valley are all different ancient river valley civilizations. All have different aspects of civilizations. Some aspects of civilization include technology, writing/language, specialized jobs, government, etc. These decisions were made based on the climate and biome the civilization was located in. These things needed to be taken into account because certain aspects of civilization were not suitable for every civilization. A written language was key to creating a thriving civilization, helping many tasks become easier. Writing was composed of many things, but the most important include a government building, a library, and a written language. A government building has many purposes that are useful in any civilization. The government building in Mesopotamia (ziggurat) contained the main temple at the top level. The temple contained chapels within it, and it was a place that could be used for worshiping gods or rulers. This is just one of the many purposes of a government building in ancient civilizations. The government building was a place commercial activities could take place. The activities included the cultivation of many things such as cereals, vegetables, and fruit trees. It also included the manufacturing of textiles, wooden items and, leather, and the …show more content…

Writing included many things, but some of the more important ones were a government building, a library, and a written language. A government building helps keep things in order and creates a set destination for commercial activities. A library was useful for having important things in a public setting so some problems that people ran into before writing was developed, could now be avoided. A written language was important in many activities and other things, so civilizations greatly advanced once created. All aspects of civilizations were a major part in shaping the world we live in

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