High School Writing Analysis

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Writing is a way of expressing one’s language into words in a visual form of a paper. Writing involves recalling words, forming sentences, and writing. Reading skills are important, but it is not everything that is needed to be literate. As to being able to properly communicate in writing is an essential part that goes with reading. Ever since I was going to school I was able to learn how to write. Writing seems fun in which it was a way of communicating with words through a paper. Writing in the younger grades seemed like something fun to do. Once I got into the higher grades that didn’t seem like the case as writing needed to be written with more than just three pagers which didn’t seem as much. Starting in Elementary School writing was all all about making up short stories onto paper and with a picture drawing to go with the writing. Writing was one thing I enjoyed doing to elaborate with creativity to what the mind was thinking about. Although I would misspell words that wouldn 't stop me from being to write. Even though I enjoyed writing I wasn’t too good at it as I wanted to be. My lack for reading didn’t allow me to express myself in such beautify vocabulary as other students would use. Obviously something was working for other students and didn’t work well for …show more content…

I started valuing school and how important it was to have the opportunity to attend school. Extra help would be assisted to me in help of building my writing to make it better. With so much kids at times it was hard to even get some help even if it was some minor issue. People right to communicate ideas, to be expressive which may make it seems easier to elaborate. Writing time was something that was spend during school more than home. A writing process teaches fundamental writing skills that develop into flexible writing skills enabling to learn and communicate ideas

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