My Writing Relationship

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What is my relationship with writing? To me, writing is of the utmost importance when it comes to self-expression. Writing allows me to be creative, original, as well as concise. It is a tool to gain mental growth.

Writing helps me to cope with emotion whether it be good or bad. For example, when writing, my mind is set more at ease because I am able to get my thoughts down on paper. I am able to set my own pace, be in my own world, and the writing can be to my liking because, after all, it is my point of view on the matter. Furthermore, writing is an excellent tool to help me recall the past by writing down events in a journal and also by jotting down my children’s or families milestones to keep for future generations. I have also found that …show more content…

Through writing, I am allowing myself to completely get out of my comfort zone without feeling judged in any sort of manner. I also have the ability to write freely because of the “no judgment zone” that I feel when I am writing. An equally important factor is that it pushes me to go further that I have before. Additionally, I am of the opinion that writing shows tremendous dedication as well as the ability to be a team player especially when it comes to assignments for each class. For the most part, writing grants me the opportunity to venture out into the unknown while researching new topics that may not have been presented to me without the guidance of assignments given. The research shows me a different perspective on the matter as well as broadening my mental capability to accept the new and unknown areas of reading and writing. With these key points in mind, I fully intend to use writing as a tool to gain mental clarity and strength. In conclusion, I use writing to gain mental growth. Writing helps me achieve that goal because I am able to progress mentally, gain wisdom, and the power to control my words in a manner that makes me ideas seem more clear and concise to the reader. Writing helps me to be more of myself that I would be in a verbal setting and it shows me that I am capable of connecting with words without fear of judgment. I am free to be who I want to be when I write. In the end, writing is an invaluable teaching

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