Analyzing Elie Wisesel's Night Dawn Day

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Many writers seem to write just to write, but isn’t there a meaning in all writing. Rather to persuade, to teach, or to argue a topic. There is no such writing that is just writing. Most writing is to make the reader feel connected and to be a part of the story. Writers want the reader to feel connected to the story because if there no connection then there is no story. Jon Stern a professor from Porterville College once said “ a writes an uncontrollable to share souls feel’s.” In the novel “Night Dawn Day” by Elie Wisesel he grabs the readers attention by making the reader feel different emotions. He talks about people from the Holocaust and how their lives were and how they deal with it. He also writes to make people not forget the traumas and horror of the holocaust. And he was even a holocaust survivor. Wisesel also said if f he had to write …show more content…

Then he did the new translation in memory of his grandparents and Nachman, “who also vanished into that night” (3). He talks about events of the holocaust , where was one of the survivors. “I looked out the window, where a shadowy face was taking shape out of the deep of the night. A sharp pain caught my throat. I could not take my eyes off the face. It was my own”(146). It’s about a man from the Holocaust. The man didn’t look the same he had change over the years. After being beaten, forced into, and starved he was no longer healthy. He was no longer the person he knew, he was tortured. When I was younger I wanted to become a writer for a while. I wrote a short story when I was in the fourth grade. I remember my teacher telling me it wasn’t good that it was terrible. She also had said that I had a good story but the writing wasn’t well. But I was only nine , and since then I always believe I am not a good writer and I can’t even write well essays. I lost my passion to write and don’t thinkI will find it again. After all these years I don't like

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