Reflective Essay On Night By Elie Wiesel

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The novel Night by Elie Wiesel, which was first published in 1958, tells a great first-hand account of a terrible event named the Holocaust. In this story, it gives a detailed memoir of a young kid named Eliezar who has to endure this appalling crisis. As the Holocaust continues to go on around them, he and his family remain optimistic about their future. Even though they were optimistic, the Holocaust finally closes in on them. Once this occurs they were pulled away from their homeland and relocated to their designated site where they were split by gender. All throughout the novel, Eliezar and his father stay together through the unfortunate events occurring around them. For this father and son duo to stay together it takes an insurmountable amount of faith to pull through this tragedy together.
In the book Night, it references faith or having faith many times. Having faith, which can be the theme of this book, is not only important to Eliezar but also to me. I have experienced many times in my life having a controversy or set back just like Eliezar, and just like he did I had to show how strong my faith still was because in today’s world you can’t get much of anywhere without believing or …show more content…

I can relate to having faith because I often put trust or confidence into someone or something when I’m having a struggle in my life. When I was younger I didn’t really know God. Once I found out about God, I immediately learned having faith in him is one of the most important decisions anyone can ever make. Once I made that decision to maintain my trust in him I noticed that many things started to fall my way. In the novel, Eliezar also questioned his faith several times but always turned back to putting his trust in God because he knew what was right. When I go through similar conflicts I always try to turn back to who brought me this far and try to reassure my faith just as Eliezar

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