My Relationship With Literacy Essay

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My relationship with literacy has been a journey all on its own. From learning how to sound out letters and words, to reading my first sentence , I have developed quite a valuable foundation and platform, that will eventually guide me to success. I have had the pleasure of experiencing a love that just continues to blossom. A love that will never fail, nor will I fail it. This love that I speak of is my passion for reading, writing and literacy as a whole. From a very young age, about 5, I remember reading being the easiest thing I knew how to do. Most kids in my school hated it, but I had a passion for reading. The liberating feeling, and sensation of being able to do something on my own, encouraged me to read even more. Two people …show more content…

It’s how people connect, whether it is being able to read, write or being able to do construction. Everyone is literate in some area of a subject. I am also literate in music. I can read music notes because I sing and play the viola. Just like everything else in the world that you expect to get better at, it is important to practice. I’ve been literate in music for ten years. Just like I can communicate with people by talking, I can communicate with them through music. It is easy to be literate in music even if you don’t know how to read music notes. Snapping your fingers, tapping your feet or swaying your body is a form of dance and communication. It means that you can feel the music, which is communication between your brain and your body. Reading and writing influence the way that I interact with the world. I learn new things from reading and writing, which in turn help me communicate with others because I am learning new facts and skills. My relationship with literacy is a very close one. It's helped me in many areas of my life, such as being more social. Without literacy in my life, I don't know what I'd do. My life would be incomplete. I'd be missing a great part of

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