My Literacy Experience

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Literacy has applied over the course of my education and my life. As an education major, I believed that literacy was an ability to learn how to read and write. Furthermore, literacy has been a part of my education. I have come to an understanding that literacy is a lot more than what it seems. It’s about expressing yourself that includes your opinions and feelings. As a college student, I still feel like my literacy is evolving with every essay I write. But, through my literacy autobiography and literacy experiences. I have gained through the process of “growing up” as an educator. I 'd like to capture the hearts and minds of readers through my journey and experiences with literacy. As I take you back into the past of how literacy has grown inside me. I would one day like to show how these experiences will influence my teaching strategies.

The first book I have ever read was a Dr. Seuss storybook in kindergarten. kindergarten teacher called Green Eggs and Ham. My experience with reading this book was good because I …show more content…

Part of my literacy experience was about learning an important lesson in a book and how each page carries a story that’s brought to life. At the time, I didn’t learn about learning critical literacy until I was in my English 91 class. In my English 91 class, I was taught how to use critical thinking in my papers. I imagine how much literacy has been involve in my life from childhood till college. The books I’ve read in my childhood is how I ‘ve taught how to write. But, as I look back into my steps of learning literacy it came to mind how difficult writing essays were. The biggest piece of the puzzle is to not be afraid to express my opinions and feelings through writing. Sometimes my teachers would encourage me and suggest how we can express ourselves by free writing. This simple technique helped us to express ourselves and we become open to our feelings through

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