Personal Literacy Narrative Essay

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Personal Literacy Narrative Reading and writing is a tool everybody needs in their lifetime the basic reading and writing skills are used on a daily base no matter what field you plan to study. Reading and writing are taught at a young age. I personally was taught by preschool I noticed on how I grew with my writing and how I became a better reader and writer throughout my life I personal love reading and writing it’s a way for everyone to express themselves through their choice of words. Everybody learns how to read and write differently some students tend to be stronger than others, personally speaking I feel I tend to be higher in reading then writing. I learned how to read and write at my elementary school named Saint La Salle. I attended …show more content…

The way I prepared myself for this book was on every page I had at least about three sticky notes stating the important facts and at the end of the chapter I had a one sentence summary stating the main idea opic of that chapter. This method I have found out has helped me the most it helps me remember certain things better due to my short-term memory loss. For my writing method, I tend to make outlines so I don’t get off topic. Both of my reading and writing method I have discovered for myself throughout my school years has helped me learn better and just in generally better myself academic wise. …show more content…


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