Personal Narrative: My Road To Literacy

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Everyone has traveled a different road to get to where they are today. Some roads may have felt longer and more rough, but they were worth the ride. My road to literacy started out on what I would call a dirt road that had a steep incline. What I could not see at that time was that once I got to the top, I had a smooth ride ahead of me. If I would look back at how far I have travelled I would say it was worth it all the struggles along the way, but what is important is the sponsors I had that pushed me along the way. My road to literacy is hard to remember, but what I do remember is the dramatic changed when I was nine years old. I hit a pothole when I was in fourth grade, but not the pothole that you are thinking of. When I was growing up my parents always fought, but I never thought they would get to the point where they would divorce each other. …show more content…

A teacher who would push me the way I need to be. A teacher who would stay after and help a student who is struggling. A teacher who is someone students can look up to. Someone who has children of their own so they know how to handle someone, like me. Someone who has experience teaching this grade for a long time. Someone who I thought was wonderful and inspiring, was someone that did not care. A person who did not care to help a student that everyone could see was struggling. A person who let me slide through the system, barely doing any work, because it was easier for them. Some sponsors of our literacy are not positive even though we hope that they would be. In Sponsors of Literacy by Deborah Brant, we are reminded that not all sponsors act positively in our lives. However, these sponsors can affect us later in life in a positive way that we did not see at the time. Instead of helping me in my time of need, my teacher let me sit on the side of the road, waiting for someone else to stop, and try to help me back onto my long dirt

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